Dynamic Organics partners have been involved with the Brattleboro landfill since 2011.  Two of Dynamic Organics (DO) principal partners, Morgan Casella and Andy Klaski, originally engineered and built the Carbon Harvest Energy (CHE) facility. DO partners built and operated the 315KW CHP generation facility and attached 14,000 sq ft. greenhouse. As a result, DO knows the limitations and opportunities specific to development in Brattleboro, VT.

Since the closure of CHE operations, DO has developed strategic relationships with local construction and engineering firms who have the ability to build the unique infrastructure required for a larger solar development on the landfill site. Coupled with DO’s intimate understanding of the current landfill gas infrastructure on the site, the DO team is poised to bring maximum benefit to the community with a solar development in Brattleboro and Winham County. DO views the site as a broader development opportunity to demonstrate progressive waste-management solutions.

Recently, DO partnered with NEO energy to form Brattleboro Organic Energy to redevelop this site. BOE  has recently been named as the Buyer of the LFG system and former assets of Carbon Harvest and is working closely with the Windham Solid Waste District to redevelop the site, bringing over $6 million dollars of new development dollars to construct a unique, Anearobic Digestion system.