Enabling Load Flexibility

Dynamic Organics provides software platform and consulting services to support utilities, aggregators, and facility managers in maximizing the potential of their Distributed Energy Resources(DER).  Having been developing and deploying DER management and load flexibility solutions for over 10 years, Dynamic Organics provides software platform and consulting services that manage DER resources, orchestrate load shaping incentives, design flexible load management(FLM) programs, and develop rate structures to incentivize load shaping.

Our load reduction signal caused a significant load reduction at the scheduled time.

The DER and Facilities Management Platform solves many of the problems facing utilities, aggregators, and developers when trying to expand and meet the demand for DER growth while minimizing unanticipated consequences.  Our “Buildings as Batteries” technology helps facility managers and owners reduce costs.  And our DER orchestration services help aggregators realize the goals of the Virtual Power Plant:

  • System planning
  • Alternate revenue streams
  • Grid support services
  • Peak reduction services 
  • Siting and grid topology analysis

Utility Integration Consulting

  • Analysis of impacts and opportunities of DER deployments
  • Support for regulatory positioning and requirements 
  • Support for service roadmaps