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Dynamic Organics specializes in finding unique energy and efficiency solutions. Due to the breadth of our expertise and understanding of energy systems, we approach problems from a systems integration perspective. There is no single answer to creating efficiency and clean energy. DO looks to solve the problems of wasteful energy use, transportation, and storage by focusing on interactions between multiple systems.

A recent home design and build gave us the opportunity to demonstrate this in practice. This home demonstrates the efficiency that can be found by integrating multiple systems. A reconditioned solar thermal system heats a large tank of hot water. This tank is also heated by a wood fired boiler. The Boiler sits inside of the greenhouse on the south side of the building. By placing the boiler in the greenhouse, the lost heat helps grow fresh produce for the tenant all year long. Between solar the solar and boiler system, the tenant is able to draw hot water to heat their home from renewable sources at any time during the long winter months.

This is one, simple example of how thoughtfully approaching the relationship between systems in a home or building can compound potential savings – both economic and environmental. Look to our news section for more updates on this and other projects.