Dynamic Organics is developing a unique, scalable AD system capable of converting organic waste into useable energy in the form of heated water and electricity at the source of “waste” production. In doing so, we negate many of the problems associated with large scale AD developments commonly seen in the industry today while significantly reducing the cost.

Dynamic Organics’ proprietary technology is a simpler design when compared to current AD technology. DO’s design lowers costs traditionally associated with AD technology, allowing this technology to be easily designed and built on a much smaller scale. Smaller scale AD creates a significant value proposition for any business, building or even homeowner where food wastes are generated.

Currently DO is testing our pilot system at our headquarters in Putney, VT. We are refining the pilot design to test a number of different digestate mixes, looking for the optimal mix to use in a number of applications including breweries, wineries, dairy farms and processing, apartment buildings and even homes.

If you believe your commercial operation or business would benefit from a system like this, please contact us.