Renewable Energy Development

NetworkDynamic Organics focuses on developing, financing, operating and maintaining the most cost effective renewable energy projects possible.

Each project is unique. With this understanding, DO can find the right renewable energy solution for you. Our primary work is concentrated in Vermont and New England, where we have worked with utilities, municipalities, commercial businesses and homeowners. We link community members with investors to develop a solar facility that works for everyone. Our team of engineers, designers, and policy experts have worked to develop and install SPEED Landfill-Gas-to-Energy systems, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) infrastructure, Industrial Demand Management technologies, and Solar PV and Hot water installations.

DO has been a part of local solar development taking advantage of favorable VT net-metering laws and partnered with leading industry entities to develop third-party ownership solar developments. Under this model. DO can develop solar facilities capable of offsetting anywhere between 50% – 95% of total electricity needs with solar power and provide guaranteed savings on electricity costs – all with no investment from the energy user.

Dynamic Organics has played an integral role in other renewable energy developments around the region – recently DO has participated in the aquistion, development, planning, operations and maintenance of the Windham County Landfill Gas redevelopment. Click here for more information.

Whether you are looking to finance a project, or are simply interested in saving money on your electricity bill, DO can help, contact us to find out how.