Our Team


  • Mechanical Engineer with over twenty years’ experience in direct project design, management, construction and operations.
  • Designed and supervised the installation of multiple paper machines and pulp processing equipment throughout the Northeast (Putney Paper Co., APC Paper Co., Fibermark Inc., Omnia Filtra Inc., Monadnock Paper, Schweitzer Mauduit) These capital projects  ranged in size up  to  $25 million .
  • Construction project manager familiar with requirements of project design, budgeting, contracting, scheduling and commissioning.
  • Owner AKA Design LLC, performing energy, mass, and flow balances to model process conditions and design solutions. Consults with paper companies in targeting, budgeting and implementing energy and process improvements including wastewater, steam,electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Experienced designs in low-solids wastewater and slurried pulp systems. Expertise in slurry separation technologies including designs and improvements on detrashing equipment.
  • Managed Landfill Gas CHP generation project, as well as operation and interconnection of the current Guascor generator, while making critical improvements to landfill gas collection infrastructure. Improvements needed included the installation of condensate trapping on the landfill and manifolded branches to existing facility. Also performed draw-down gas generation analyses on Keene landfill for better sizing the generation potential on that site.


  • Over 10 years experience in sustainable energy and agricultural systems design and construction.
  • Project Managed $3M, 2-year buildout of agricultural operations incorporated into existing landfill gas-to-energy system, including SPEED interconnection of 315kW Guascor biogas genset and Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP) systems. In this capacity,  Morgan worked closely with Andy Klaski to optimize landfill gas system operations and increase methane capture and biogas generation on Brattleboro landfill.
  • Design and construction of residential and commercial photovoltaic and solar hot water systems, with a focus on energy-efficient technologies for agricultural operations in New England. Including construction of over 30 commercial greenhouses and incorporation of alternative technologies for increasing seasonal access to local foods.
  • Business development and consulting for companies interested in alternative energy and agriculture investments. Analytical services ranging from agricultural investment opportunities for large companies such as Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) and it’s owners and affiliates, to small family-owned solar installation companies looking for better operational process assets and more data-driven solar production modeling of Vermont.